dani_rheingold_big.jpgThe Basics
Age and occupation. How long have you lived here, where did you come from, and where do you live now?
Well, 28. Acting. Been living in New York: 4 years (3 in Brooklyn, one year couch-surfing in Manhattan). I'm a Jersey girl, who never spent much time in Jersey. Summers in camp or travel. College in New Mexico -- anything to keep moving...

Three Close-Ups
1. What are your "official" duties as Miss Rheingold?
I am the official spokesperson for the beer. I am in their advertisements (billboard, magazine/ news interviews...), and online interviews...

2. How much "acting" do you put into your bartender job?
Whatever it takes. People should be having a great time!!

3. What advice would you give to an aspiring actress who wants to move to NYC and drink a lot of beer?
Get a gym membership. ASAP.

Proust-Krucoff Questionnaire
Time travel question: What era, day or event in New York's history would you like to re-live?
An underground 'Cotton Club' night; hence, a day in the 40's.

9pm, Wednesday night - what are you doing?
Spending time in an acting school. (Come on, that's interesting, no?)

What's your New York motto?
This sure ain't Kansas (although, Kansas City has some excellent jazz. Do check that scene out...).

Best celebrity sighting in New York, or personal experience with one if you're that type.
Not that type. I appreciate artists for their talent, I'm not a fame-f****er, but seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman recently just chillin' on Broadway was a nice moment. It made me look.

Describe that low, low moment when you thought you just might have to leave NYC for good.
Never. A break? Yes, but this is where my heart is... I dreamt of the day when I would move to the other side of the Hudson.

Finish one of the four following sentences:
1."I hate computers for replacing the card catalog in the New York Public Library...
because it was so much more fun having that reason to leave your seat and walk around with a mini drawer (and if really daring: two drawers) by your side like its the 'cool thing to do'; besides, one can be very creative and hide certain things for the person they have a crush on in a specific drawer (-- for instance, if you knew that John was writing a report on salamanders, you could leave one of those folded up triangular notes that say "I think U R soooooo cute!" in that spot.) Also, there is always the art form of what I like to call 'drawer designs'. By closing one drawer ever-so-slightly-more than the one above it and continuing this trend from AA-BI to Y-ZZ, one can design a really pretty piece. As one never to underestimate a card catalog, I always found myself discovering other subjects because I was physically handling each index card and figuring out that R345 1.00005 decimal system. My experiences were always extremely personal and terrific. I must admit that I miss it, but I do not miss working in my Junior High Library with the woman in the olive green polyester pant-vest set and squeaky shoes. In conclusion, may we all one day hold enough information to fill a plethora of our very own personal, beautifully finished oak wood (alphabetical) drawers of life."

What's the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?
A yellow Catherine Malandrino dress I just wore to my movie premiere, Games People Play: New York. (Thought I'd plug that.)

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