2006_04_dempseycat.jpgLast year, it was revealed that a Greenwich Village family had purchased a $4,000 hypoallergenic cat from Allerca (not to mention the $3,000 in insurance and shipping). Now, the Daily News has visited the family and cat!

The Greenberg family waited 2 years to get an orange striped cat, which they named Dempsey after McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey. Nina Greenberg tells the News, "It's absolutely incredible. My cousin was fine around him, even though she is so badly asthmatic she has had to be hospitalized. He was definitely worth the expense because my daughters and I always wanted a cat to cuddle and play with. Other people spend that kind of money on a week's holiday - but Dempsey will bring us years and years of love and joy."

There's a photo gallery of Dempsey, who is certainly very adorable but no cuter than the pets-adopted-from-shelters we know (here's a link to searching shelter pets). Allerca is jacking up the price of cats to $6,950, plus $995 shipping, so keep that, plus the 2-year waiting list, in mind.

Photograph of Dempsey, when he was a kitten