Edward Scissorhands isn't something we ever thought we'd see on the stage, but as you can see from the above clip, that's precisely where it is. Matthew Bourne's dance-theater production of the Tim Burton film tells the story with a 26 person cast...and no words. According to Bourne:

"Edward is the ultimate 'outsider' expressing himself through movement rather than words, with much of his appeal being physical and emotional. He is not unlike a silent movie actor and this lends itself beautifully to our approach. Edward reminds us all of a time in our lives when we felt 'different' and how we treat people who are not the same as us. Even though the production is spectacular, outrageously funny and touchingly romantic, its simple message of tolerance and looking beneath the surface seems particularly important."

Those scissor hands look dangerously sharp! Catch the performance at BAM's Howard Gilman Opera House (30 Lafayette Ave) March 14 through 31.