The music world lit up yesterday when alternative rock Gods Radiohead released their 8th album, The King Of Limbs, a day early, having announced the album only four days prior after a three-and-a-half year gap. The band also released a music video for skittery, seductive lead single "Lotus Flower," featuring singer Thom Yorke in bowler hat, writhing like a wacky waving flailing arm inflatable tube man. His unique sense of dance is so entrancing, some have taken to imitating the video, while others made some creative edits to the video; the results are now compiled on the Dancing Thom tumblr. Here are some of our favorites:

Thom + "Single Ladies"

Thom + Benny Hill

Thom + Napoleon Dynamite

The instant reactions to the album have been all over the map: the WSJ said the album "balances beautifully the band’s gift for melodic rock, energetic electronic rhythms and crafty musical experimentation. Quietly assertive, engaging and accessible, it’s a worthy successor to “In Rainbows,” their 2007 release." The Toronto Sun wrote that this wasn't the album fans were expecting: "It's understated and introspective. There are no big anthems, no singalong choruses — virtually no choruses at all, in fact, just layers of skittery rhythms, dreamscape sonics and atmospheric vocals." Musician Flying Lotus was overwhelmingly happy with the album, which many have noted bears a lot of similarities to the electronic music he has been making.

Some fans were so underwhelmed by the 37 minute album, there is now a conspiracy that the eight tracks on The King of Limbs is only half of the whole record. It seems very unlikely that the band would release more new music right away, but considering that they've been in the studio recording for over three years, and Yorke played at least another half dozen new songs live solo last year (including fan favorites "The Present Tense" and "The Daily Mail"), it seems incredibly likely that we could get another album within the next year or so, in the same vein as the Kid A/Amnesiac releases.