While here in anything goes New York City women are under no orders to wear shirts or bras or even bedazzled pasties to cover up their breasts, that isn't the case in 37 other states. Some states don't even allow breastfeeding in public, and according to the people behind a new IFC production called Free The Nipple, "In less tolerant places like Louisiana, a woman exposing her nipples can carry a sentence of up to three years in jail and a $2,500 fine." While that can't happen here, it doesn't mean that the NYPD, or even civilians, don't react to topless women on the streets. Shockingly, a "10 Hours Of Walking As A Topless Woman In NYC" hasn't spun off of that viral catcalling video, but Free The Nipple comes close to showing what it's like to bare one's breasts in public here.

"In New York City, in 1992 it became LEGAL for women to be topless in public, but the NYPD continued to arrest women, so we took to the streets with cameras and our cast to fight these Puritanical injustices first hand. By the end the production, Free The Nipple morphed into a 'real life' revolution that transcended the bounds of mere entertainment.

This spirited satire follows New York City activists Liv and With, who take their crusade for gender equality from the streets of the urban jungle to the courts. More than just a movie, Free the Nipple has launched an empowering real-life movement, inspiring women across the globe to take back their bodies."

They count Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham amongst the women to have joined the movement.

The film will premiere on December 12th (both in theaters and VoD), and below you can see their trailer.