Empire Records is turning 20 years old later this year, and in celebration Rough Trade Records in Williamsburg will be transformed into the movie's beloved record shop. The record shop where a young Renée Zellweger worked alongside Ethan Embry, Rory Cochrane, Robin Tunney, and Liv Tyler. And then there was Maxwell Caulfield's Rex Manning character:

BBQ Films—creators of fantastic themed extravaganzas—now invite you to "Say No More, Mon Amour," during their very own Rex Manning Day.

On Wednesday, April 8th, Williamsburg's Rough Trade is transformed into the legendary Empire Records, with all the staff and characters you've come to love (and hate). Join Lucas and his couch cushion, boss Joe (don’t touch his drums), Gina and her "Sugar High," and of course, Corey and her crush, Rex Manning himself. Enjoy a screening of the film, live music, a Rex Manning autograph, and if you're brave enough: a head-shaving station with Debra.

Damn the man, buy a ticket, save the Empire.

We're going as the ballet dancer in headphones: