2003_9_dalisketch.jpgWhen guards at Riker's Island stole a rare Dali ink print, the theft would have remained undetected if not for their sloppy work simply stapling the copy to the wall. Opening remarks by prosecutors revealed the scheme on Monday: Guards had joked around about stealing the print, but one, Assistant Deputy Warden Benny Nuzzo, decided to actually tried to lead an effort to steal it. After retrieving the key to take a picture of the print, they made a copy, which was replaced during a fire drill far away from the print. Two of the conspirators told the regular guards on duty they were needed at the fire drill, took their place and replaced the print. Sadly Nuozzo destroyed the print when he panicked as authorities closed in. This is a terrible crime made worse by bumbling fools. Gothamist just asks that no destruction of artwork or killing/hurting/swindling of people take place when people decide to come up with cockamamie illegal schemes.