The glassblower Dale Chihuly is one of my favorite artists, because there's something just fascinating about turning glass into these magical forms and colors. He also looks like a mad pirate. I first became acquainted with Chihuly at the Seattle Museum of Art, as the innaugural exhibition in SAM's new building in Volunteer Park. Since then, I've followed Chihuly's career with interest. He was also only one of four living American artists to have had shows at the Louvre when he showed his Persian series in 1986. In the mid 90s, he created an installation in Venice, which consisted of "chandeliers" hung in fourteen locations - over the canals. He lost an eye in a glass-blowing incident, so now he can only direct the creation of his magical pieces.

The Times talks about Chihuly in its article about museums accepting more craft-like art of glassmaking. The article also debates whether the word "craft" has a negative connotation to it, and apparently the former American Craft Museum, changing its named to the Museum of Art and Design. But their website's URL still says "".

You can see Chihuly in New York by visting the Liz Claiborne store on Fifth Avenue in midtown for these pieces. It's at 650 Fifth Avenue, between 51st and 52nd Streets.