Big news, you guys! Doe-eyed Dakota Fanning, fresh off of the Twilight flicks, is totally about to be the latest celebrity to take a stab at graduating from NYU. Will she make it through four years of being blamed for destroying Manhattan, or Professor Franco's stringent grading policy? Only time will tell!

The team over at NYU Local has dug up what appears to be Fanning's NYU email account, and note that she was seen touring the Gallatin School of Individualized Study last spring. Gallatin is the "DIY" / make your own major / weird stepchild of NYU, where students create "concentrations" like The Anthropological Complexities Of Lolcats instead of normal majors.

Previous Gallatin students include Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (they dropped out), Christy Turlington and that guy from Grizzly Bear, and Emma Watson was also seen touring the school last year. Fanning's got no less than six projects in development for 2012, which gives her a solid fifty-fifty shot at actually graduating.