Model Daisy Lowe, spawn of Bush-frontman Gavin Rossdale and designer Pearl Lowe, had been living in the East Village right under our very noses. She just told W Magazine that she left the neighborhood after not making any friends, however, and headed over the bridge to Williamsburg, where they embraced her so much that now she has like 40 friends. She said, "I found that I could breathe a bit more out here. Also, I really didn't make that many friends when I was in the city, and after a year of being quite alone in New York, I immediately found a circle of friends in Brooklyn that were all on the same path." Her path allegedly includes some form of shoe art; she says she, "took a huge painting in our apartment and stuck some sunglasses and cute Chanel heels to it." She also loves taking photos on Coney Island, and once made shoes spell out "love" for some reason. Give this girl a scholarship to the Williamsburg Waterfront School of Superficial Hipster Art! And there are others on this path? She says her big bunch of new friends include musicians, artists, moviemakers, actors, models, her boyfriend Will Cameron (pictured with his lady love) and, you know, the usual creative types/celeb spawn hangers-on.