President Donald Trump enjoys Tweeting from his Android or iPhone. The Daily Show has been making fun of Trump for his Tweets for years—and will now pay tribute by creating a library full of them.

The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library will open in June somewhere in New York (CBS says it'll be in Manhattan, though there's nothing in the press release to confirm that just yet). What will be in the Twitter Library? All the tweets! How does one make tweets physical? I don't know!

The press release reads: "The exhibit will feature a fully interactive and hands-on experience for hands of all sizes, giving patrons the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to memorialize and celebrate the many 'unpresidented' moments of President Trump’s Twitter history. More details to be announced later." Wait for details, no leaking details!

To show their enthusiasm, they launched a Twitter account just for the new venture.

If all that seems too high concept for you, well, you better clasp your sweaty palms over your eyes, because there's a Twitter account which solely features videos of a robot setting fire to print outs of Trump's Tweets: