Most of the Gothamist staff doesn't have television—many of our recaps are written in the early morning hours after a show airs and is made available on iTunes—which means we're pretty sensitive to spoilers. Because of that, we do our best not to spoil anything in our main images, our headlines, or our ledes—a standard we kept to during our Breaking Bad finale recap posted today. But we can't really do much about personally stopping you from clicking through—if you didn't watch the finale yet, don't click on a recap. This seems to be common sense. But on occasion a reader does click through, and then goes Full Heisenberg on us. From the inbox this afternoon:

"Would you PLEASE stop printing recaps that spoil shows like Breaking Bad and Homeland? You know not everyone is watching that shit live right? I know you think you write clever headlines that don't really spoil it, but THEY DO. Some of us are still on season 3 for fuck's sake."

Here are some fairly obvious tips for those who easily cry spoiler:

  • Avoid Twitter, Facebook, or RSS feeds of any kind if you know an episode you haven't watched, but plan to, has just aired (or is in the midst of airing).
  • Wear earmuffs?
  • If you really don't want to have a show spoiled for you (some say this is impossible these days), then watch it in a timely manner. Even if you don't have TV, these shows are all easily available online within hours of them airing.
  • If you are catching up on a show that started (or ended) years ago, then you will undoubtedly, one day, when you least expect it, run in to a spoiler. Become okay with this.

There's a shelf-life on sympathy for spoilers, and if you're going to cry about finding out Newhart was all just a dream decades after its series finale aired, then you need to either re-prioritize things you get upset about, or watch TV more frequently. We recommend the former.

It is worth noting here that neither DCist's Homeland nor our Breaking Bad headlines today spoiled anything, even if you haven't started watching those shows at all. But God forbid you glanced at a Daily News cover this morning (we have redacted their major spoilers, but you can savor the real deal here). As you can see, they also spoiled the final score of a football match: