The Daily News won't let this Alec Baldwin story die, and have now furthered it into its fourth day by publishing a story about how they sent him a gift basket. Yesterday they offered the actor what they call an "olive branch of sorts," but the gift basket they delivered was full of anger-management books. How cute. We're sure Alec will dive right into his reading tonight, chewing on Mort Zuckerman's pancreas with his feet propped up on his favorite ottoman carved out of paparazzi skulls.

The 53-year-old actor lost his infamous temper and allegedly punched a Daily News photographer earlier this week, after leaving the Marriage License Bureau with his fiancée Hilaria Thomas. During an appearance on Letterman after the incident, however, Baldwin claims he didn't punch anyone, saying, “If I had punched him, I would be in jail right now, rightfully so. I kind of pushed him out of the way because he almost hit me in the face with the camera.” He also explained to Charlie Rose, “There was a person in front of me, and I was blocking him and he lunged and he almost hit me in the teeth with the lens of the camera. And I pushed him away.” The only photographic evidence of the incident (taken by another Daily News photographer at the scene) shows Baldwin with some serious rage face, but he is only shown pushing, not punching.

The New York Press Club has now condemned Baldwin, and says his actions “should not be tolerated.” Yes, Baldwin has a terrible and often unforgivable temper, but maybe the Press Club should also be a little less tolerant of these parasitical paparazzi, especially when they seem to be deliberately provoking hot heads like Baldwin.