Since Gothamist was glued to watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last night (what is better than seeing dogs that look like stuffed animals try to waddle across...except the poodles are freaky), we're all about dogs these days. The American Kennel Club says that Manhattanites love dachsunds. So much so that they are the number one breed in this borough (other boroughs weren't included in the study), dachsunds are funny to watch, too...Gothamist noticed in the NY Times article about the renovation of the Washington Square Park dog run that the chairwoman of Community Board 2 has a dachsund. The city's own numbers (based on the 20% of dog owners who actually have registered) say that mutts are the top "breed."

There's also great NY Times audio slide show (look on the right column here) with the co-owners of a Tibetan Terrier, the owner the dog lives with is in NYC and the other owner is the breeder. The breeder says that NYC dogs are much better socialized, and therefore she likes to place dogs here. Given that the dogs get to know the interiors of tiny apartments well, it is true they are very nice when Gothamist tries to hug them.

More: Puptastic is a new doggie blog from lia at cheesedip. And this Reuters picture above of a Dandie Dimont Terrier totally looks like Afro-Ken.