[Photo of Jane Buck's work]

It's as if curator Tomoko Ashikawa ripped the pages out of your favorite storybooks to fill the AG Gallery (103 North 3rd St., Brooklyn). Celebrate warm fuzzies and fanciful dreams at the (un)Limited Editions Group Exhibition's opening reception tonight {7 to 10pm).

Each artist has several works on display and easily deserves a solo show. A few of the highlights include Julianna Swaney's birds, which look like they should adorn the walls of Anthropologie; Ashley Alexander (I'm Smitten)'s therianthropic creatures, which are officially my latest obsession; and BB&PPINC's (one of the artists is Robbie Guertin of Clay Your Hands Say Yeah) slightly amorphous Baby Bear and Pezya. The fourteen artists are garnering attention throughout the country, so now is the time to invest in the art before it gets too expensive. Besides framed prints, you can purchase the artists’ handmade books, stationery, and t-shirts.

If you can’t make it to the opening reception, the (un)Limited Editions Group Exhibition will be on display through December 31. Just be sure you make it all the way to the back of About Glamour, where the gallery is—the multi-purpose shop is filled with cutesy stickers, vintage glasses, and amazing clothing. You can even get a haircut there!

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