And now, for your Absolutely Adorable break of the day: Six-year-old Morningside Heights resident Helen Stone spent her Sunday morning selling lemonade and homemade cookies to benefit the New York Public Library. Ramona Quimby would be so proud!

NYPL rep Angela Montefinise, who met Stone over the weekend, tells us, "Lemonade stands really happen in NYC, and this little girl used one to raise money for NYPL yesterday. I literally live around the corner and stumbled on her stand by accident. It was adorable." According to Helen's mom, Helen wanted to donate her earnings so that “the library could buy more books for people." Her mom explained, “I personally can’t quite get over the magic of the library. You can just take books—for free!

The profits rolled in—one man left $10 for a cookie and two lemonades, which is a hefty tip for a menu where nothing tops fifty cents. Let's just hope the Health Department doesn't rain all over this cute parade.