Photo by Gary Burke

Yesterday the Rink at Rockefeller Center opened, signaling the start of ice skating season. There's nothing more iconic and innocent than taking a few spins on the famous patch of midtown ice, but this year a new package they're offering could ruin it for some.

Yesterday we received a press release alerting us to the “VIP Express Skating” pass, which will be available from November 16th through January 7th. While it's not quite the Suri Cruise experience, the $95 per person pass (skating rates currently start at $6.50) gives guests VIP reservations, allowing them to "bypass the line and enjoy admission, skate rental, hot cocoa, and a friendly skate concierge." But what about all those kids who want to take part in the magical experience whose parents can't afford it? They're just going to have to wait a little longer as the rich kids cut them in line.

A rep for Rock Center confirmed with us yesterday that "this is the first year that guests can make VIP reservations all day." We failed to ask what a "skate concierge" is, but... we don't even want to know. (That said, we would probably pay that outrageous fee if we could get a ride on the zamboni.)

We'll have a full guide of where else you can ice skate in NYC (including more details on Rock Center's other pricing and packages) coming up later today!