2006_10_arts_psychojpg.jpgHalloween is just arond the corner, and a new haunted house has been developed to fit your fears! The creators of Haunted House NYC polled people in each borough about their top 13 fears, and each haunted house in each borough was developed differently based on that poll.

The New Yorker says "People from the Bronx and Queens, they said, tend to fear things that might actually happen, like being mugged (harpaxophobia), while Manhattanites are frightened of fantastical and unlikely occurrences (flying sharks, riding in an elevator that rockets through the roof of a building). In Manhattan and Brooklyn, we heard 'fear of the homeless,' " Smithyman said. "Then, in the Bronx, we heard 'fear of becoming homeless.' " Staten Island residents apparently dread chemical spills and gas leaks."

Flying sharks?! What's your biggest fear?

More details on the house at their website.