2007_cowboyandjohn.jpg John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn recently sold their Channel 102 show Gemberling to Adult Swim. How this happened, what will happen next, and other things that will be happening simultaneously are the subject of the Q and A with The Cowboy and John .

How did you get involved with Adult Swim?
Well, we made a whole bunch of shorts for Channel 102, and then we made a shiny DVD to send around to industry, 'cause we wanted to make a buck off a this thing. Eventually it got into Adult Swim's hands. Now the basic cable money's flowin' like chocolate milk down a fat boy's throat.

How will the version of Gemberling that aired on Channel 102 compare to the version on Adult Swim?
The show's going to be live action against green screen just as it was on Channel 102. The Adult Swim show will look a bit nicer...crisper. We're shooting it in HD, and have spent over four million dollars* on special effects. Two million was for Victor's cock
sock alone.

*(This is not an accurate figure at all.)

What was the process for making all of the backgrounds in Gemberling?
Many of the backgrounds were bought off of eBay. It's amazing the volume of independently made stock backgrounds that are there. As the series wore on, however, those backgrounds started to look a little tired. Also, you couldn't really show an environment from multiple angles, 'cause you just had that one stupid background. Eventually John taught himself how to create environments in a 3D animation program. That allowed us to take screenshots from any angle we wanted. And boy did we want to.

What are some of the themes and conflicts that Gemberling touched upon?
You know, friendship...love...loss...enemies...lust...struggles...cyberchicken...unpaid
internships...unitards with pink stains...pretty much anything Old Joe Campbell rapped about in his book The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Gemberling stressed the importance of friendship and being true to one's self. Do you think that these are messages that people sometimes forget?
People definitely forget these messages. It is very sad when that happens. Unfortunately most people will never be able to stay true to themselves no matter how
many Gemberling episodes you show them. They are what you call "the bell curve." They are the average scum of society, your ditch diggers and (White) Rapper Show

Gemberling also touched upon the idea of being sucked into another world, like in The Phantom Tollbooth or Doom. What are some of your favorite tales of being sucked into another world?
Gemberling did, indeed, touch very lightly on that subject. It's a compelling one. The classic fish in different water scenario. Some of our favorites include Alice in Wonderland, Quantum Leap, and Uncle Buck.

Do you have any fond memories of A Different World or Sinbad that you'd like to share?
Curtis: I never understood why Whitley was considered hot. I always thought she was pretty butt.

John: I always hated those two things. A Different World made me feel physically sick to watch. The colors they wore were too fucking bright.

Smashing Pumpkins said the world is a vampire. What would you compare the world to?
Curtis: I would compare it to John Carpenter's Vampires.

John: I would compare it to a similar life-sustaining planet of equivalent size. (I apologize for the smarminess of this answer.)

A lot of bands, including Smashing Pumpkins, are re-uniting right now. Are there any that you look forward to seeing in concert?
Curtis: If The Frogs were to perform their album "It's Only Right and Natural" in its entirety, I'd go see that...otherwise no.

John: Naaaah. I can't stand seeing old fogies dance around, boppin' their little booties to a bodacious back beat.

Any bands you'd like to see break up?
Curtis: All of them. It's time to start fresh.

John: Nirvana.

What are some of your favorite alt-rock bands from the 90's?
Curtis: Counting Crows? The Wallflowers? Big Head Todd and the Monsters? Ned's Atomic Dustbin?

John: Gin Blossoms? Gruntruck? Toadie? Toad the Wet Sprocket?

Tell me about Law of Fives
A: The Law of Fives is Curtis' brother's band. Check them out on the web at Law of Fives . It's tough for bands these days, ya know? The industry has changed so much.

Do you have any fun memories of seeing a concert that you could share?
Curtis: Def Leppard was my first concert in 1986. A fat, drunk woman sitting behind me took off her shirt and battered me with her tits. I was 11, and it was beautiful.

John: Woodstock '94...Rollins took the stage and started spouting his bullshit. Then the rain started coming in sheets. The crowd was muddy and loving it, and there was the possibility of Rollins getting electrocuted. Purity.

The 90's also produced some wonderfully bad films. What are some of your favorite so bad they're good films?
A: Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster, Troll 2, Snake Eater III: His Law, The Doom Generation, Dazzle, Remains of the Day.

Have you seen any of The Trancer's series?
A: We have seen all of the Trancers series. Jack Deth is possibly the greatest action hero of all time.

Tell me about The Troll 2 Experience and how the documentary is going?
A: The Troll 2 Experience was truly amazing. It was a dream come true for us to host that screening and meet those guys. We have no idea how the documentary is going. We hope well.

Do you plan on having any more screenings of Troll 2 or any other films?
A: Possibly. Keep checking our website , which we rarely update.

Tell me about what people should expect to see when they go to The Brighter Side.
A: They should expect to see the finest sketch comedy in the realm. It's definitely dark and psychedelic. People should prepare their minds for that.

Are their any other projects that you're involved in or contemplating that you can discuss?
A: We have a weekly improv show at the UCB Theatre, Friday nights at 11pm. It's called Death By Roo Roo. We are also working on making ring tones for starving children in Africa.

Anything you'd like to plug?
A: You can see Curtis tell an awesome monologue in the show Nights of Our Lives. It's the last Wednesday of every month at the UCB Theatre. Also the Death By Roo Roo thing that was mentioned earlier. That was a plug that should have been mentioned here.

Add John and Curtis as your Myspace friends while you still can because once Gemberling hits the airwaves they're going to get personal assistants to do it for them and who knows how long that'll take.