Elaborate, colorful, and sometimes skimpy costumed celebrants strutted their stuff during the 42nd Annual West Indian American Carnival yesterday. The parade, which celebrates Caribbean culture, is the city's biggest parade, attracting millions to Eastern Parkway. One paradegoer told NY1, "It's very lively and it's very colorful. Multi-cultural, what can I say, it's people all over the world. Everybody gets together and just embraces each other," while one dancer explained to the Daily News, "We wine and we gyrate to the pulsating music. You're getting loose, you're feeling no hangups, nothing, no inhibitions. It's just about having a good time."

We liked the parade strategy of someone NY1 spoke to, "We come mostly for the food. We love the food. We march up and down the parkway and gain weight. March back and lose the weight."