Remember Culture Club, the ‘80s and ‘90s dance megaclub that shut down four years ago? It's baaack. And tonight they're celebrating with a little invite-only party that we hear Debbie Gibson is hosting (sorry, Tiffany). They tell us, "Culture Club creator Robert Watman has partnered with New York’s Pop icon, Debbie Gibson, to be the clubs 80’s brand ambassador." On top of that, designer Nanette Lepore has designed the staff’s uniforms.

The new location is at 20 West 39th Street, and will feature Saturday Night Fever dance floors, oversized Rubik’s Cubes, original tour memorabilia from Debbie Gibson, homage’s to Bon Jovi and larger-than-life images from classic movies like The Breakfast Club and Risky Business. Watman says, “Everything about the ‘80s was over-the-top and that’s how I envision Culture Club. My goal is to serve those who did not grow up in the ‘80s and those who want to relive the era when everything was just a little bit bigger, louder and brighter.”

They're open for business, so stop by anytime (except tonight!) for your Purple Rain or Gibson Girl novelty cocktail. Until then, practice those dance moves: