After a brief false alarm earlier in the week, a tipster let's us know on Gothamist Contriubute that the Astor Place Cube, aka the Alamo, has returned. While it's still sheathed in a gold cover, we imagine it's actually underneath unless they're just playing one big trick on everyone. The was removed way back in March for some repairs, but now that it's finally back, those crazy hipsters can do their dances to celebrate the return.

The replacement that we might miss the most though, is the PVC Cube.

The unveiling of the Alamo will happen at 11. The gold sheet covered cube pictured above is from Hard Cutting. If anyone has a videocamera, and feels like getting us a clip of the sheet coming off, we'd love it!

Update 2: Gothamist readers are on the scene and sending in cameraphone images:


Update 3: Gothamist correspondent Jesse Chan Norris was on the scene for the unveiling, and he's uploading his pictures now. Here's a preview: