Ah, a smackdown we've been waiting for: Jerry Bruckheimer vs. Dick Wolf. Tomorrow, CBS will announce that the second CSI spinoff will be set in New York. Sure, Gothamist understands the macabre meets glossy appeal of CSI; it's just that we can't imagine police facilities that are nicer than dot-com offices during the Silicon Alley heyday.

Variety also says that the fourth Law & Order is in the works, though there's no formal announcement set for that. How about: Law & Order: CSI Ass kicking? While Gothamist said, "Screw you, Jerry Bruckheimer," earlier, we can't really complain with a show that'll put some money into the city's economy and block traffic with filming. We love getting dirty looks from PAs and Craft service people!

The Who, in the meantine, will be ordering a squadron of trucks to dump money on its doorstep, as this third CSI will most certainly use another Who song as the theme. And last night on CSI, the murderer was played by Kyle Secor, who played sweet Detective Tim Bayliss on Homicide. CSI also co-opted sensitive indie actor Martin Donovan to play a lunatic. Maybe CSI will be casting Zooey Deschanel as a femme fatale...say!