So, CSI: NY, the runty, yet still glossy, CSI spin-off, is apparently going to incorporate more NYC stories into the show. This comes after an entire season of trademark gross but sort of indentityless shows. CSI producer Anthony Zuiker told that CSI:NY's new season would include a "murder of a Red Sox fan, a very New York story" and also "a nanny park story, where a nanny dies in a nanny park." (Nanny park? Does he mean the park which happens to have a lot of nannies with babies? Or are there specific parks only for nannies out there?) He concludes, "So we're going to establish ourselves in a New York identity by telling stories that could only be done in New York." Duh - that's the successful formula Law & Order has been riding for the past fifteen years. And, puh-lease, a Boston Red Sox fan murder is so two years ago. Plus, Law & Order already covered the death of an overzealous Yankees fan (it was the episode that was filming when Gothamist visited the set).

Do you watch CSI:NY? Or did you stick with Law & Order? Gothamist thinks the new ADA is better than Southerlyn, but the jury is still out on her. We are warming up to Dennis Farina, though. And to give CSI:NY credit, we do like this recent touch: a penny stamped with Coney Island in it, found in a victim's hand. And Gothamist on the premiere of CSI: NY.