l_b53b84170c4b84146601f87576c8e85d.jpgDespite claiming to like New Order over Joy Division, it's difficult not to hear a little bit of Ian Curtis in the Crystal Stilts sound. The Brooklyn band has been winning over audiences lately with their muddled, moody, mumble-pop, and there's plenty of shows coming up in the area where you can check it out for yourself. This Sunday they're at Market Hotel, followed by a slew of shows in October for CMJ.

Earlier this year you thought your van and equipment were stolen in Brooklyn--can you tell us how that went down? It was towed away but there were no records of it being towed anywhere so we/they presumed it stolen. We got a letter 3 weeks later saying it was in fact towed and up for auction in 3 days.

How long have you guys been together? JB and Brad have been playing for about 5 years. Kyle joined the round robin lineup about 2 years ago, myself (Andy) and Frankie both entered the picture about a year ago, solidifying what is probably the first somewhat set Crystal Stilts lineup.

Have you felt it hard to stand out amongst the large amount of Brooklyn bands in the scene right now? Hasn't been that hard even though we're not especially unique. That seems like something that is out of ones hands. It may sound dumb or cliche but we just kind of do what we want to do without intention of "standing out" or anything. That falls out of our sphere in some respects.

Which bands from the area are you particularly enjoying as a listener? The last time I saw my friend Karl's band Axolotl it was awesome. He just moved back to the area and I for one am psyched about that.

In part you have a Manchester sound, what and who are your influences? From Manchester? The Fall. The whole doom, gloom Manchester thing doesn't do much for me. I do love The Fall dearly and I guess The Blue Orchids are from Manchester too. If it's the Factory Records thing I'd say I prefer The Stockholm Monsters more psych 60's take on things than Joy Division or Section 25 or something. I'll take New Order over Joy Division any day.

If you could play at any space in New York, legal or illegal, where would it be? The Apollo.

Who would be in your ultimate all-star supergroup (dead or alive)? Tito Puente, Jim Keltner, Garth Hudson, Robert Wyatt, Henry Flynt and David Feck.

Best cheap eat in the city. Best venue to play/see music. Margaret Palca Bakery on Columbia St. Brooklyn. Get the grilled chicken sandwich. Not truly the cheapest of the cheap but that extra dollar for a fairly priced sandwich is well worth it. The best rolls around.