Courtesy of CrossFit Solace

CrossFit, the fitness program that breeds Paleo-dieting obsessives who have likely been injured at least once on their path towards being Better Than You, is typically held in dark garage-like lair called a Box. The Box is fitting to the brand, which seems to be based on raw minimalism, defensive attitudes, and some grunting. But what if CrossFit got a Barbie DreamBox makeover? It's happening in Murray Hill.

According to Well + Good, a new CrossFit facility is in the works and will feature "high design, luxe locker rooms, and more attention to complementary workouts, like yoga and movement training." What do you think CrossFit yoga is going to be like?!

CrossFit Solace aims to open around September 15th, and owner Tristan Keefe says, “No one’s really delivered on a premium level. We’re really looking to basically deliver the luxury-level amenities to the CrossFit community." This means more wood, greenery, and... blow dryers. Just like the cavemen had.

Courtesy of CrossFit Solace

To their credit, however, they do seem to want to lessen the chance of participants injuring themselves, as the yoga and movement programs are aimed to help people "master their own body before they jump into barbell training."