Graham Nash and David Crosby, when they wore a younger man's clothes.

Around 3 p.m. this afternoon, David Crosby and Graham Nash will perform at... guess where? Zuccotti Park! The hottest venue in town these days. The legendary musicians and longtime activists will play an acoustic set, featuring protest songs, near the corner of Cedar Street and Broadway, according to a spokesman at OWS. The band's publicist has also confirmed (it's always good to confirm these things with people attached to the band).

Stephen Stills (still touring with the band, which played at Beacon Theatre last night) isn't expected to show up, according to amNY. Crosby, however, has already been to Zuccotti at least once before.

So far, Jeff Mangum, Sean Lennon, Amanda Palmer, Pete Seeger, and Talib Kweli have performed for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Oh and Tom Morello, who had the most memorable performance at Zuccotti Park, according to an award that MTV made up.

Update: Here's Crosby and Nash singing, "Teach Your Children: