It's our version of the circus coming to town: Law & Order: Criminal Intent filmed near our work this past week. What they would need to do at some undisclosed Midtown location is beyond us, though we were able to find out that the episode will be called (at this point) "Mislabeled" and that it will air on February 22. Gothamist was most interested in the trailers, whose inhabitants' identities were purposefully deceptive. One trailer had a sticker for "Goren" and the other for "Eames."


Now, if you're going to know anything about filming in NYC, production crews will not put their stars' names on the trailers, lest fans swarm the trailer. Instead, they will be put a different name on them, usually the stars' characters names. So clearly, these were the trailers of Vincent D'Onofrio, aka Detective Robert Goren, and Kathryn Erbe, aka Detective Alex Eames.


Kathryn Erbe's trailer was big, but Vincent D'Onofrio's trailer (below) was a much slicker version.


We know what one gets with a scenery-chewing starring role!

Law &amp Order was filming in rachelle's apartment building. rachelle, that was the time to meet and bother your neighbors.