matthewbarneyla.jpgMatthew Barney's crazy contribution to art and film, The Cremaster Cycle, premieres in Los Angeles this week. The L.A. Times interviews him and points out:

Film Forum, the Greenwich Village independent movie house that is currently showing the entire "Cremaster" cycle, reported 11,000 tickets sold over the April 25 to 27 weekend.

"We just can't believe that 11,000 people went to see those films" in a weekend, says longtime Barney collaborator and "Cremaster 3" associate producer Chelsea Romersa.

Gothamist can't believe it either. It seems pretty tedious, from what we saw at the Guggenheim, though incredibly intricate and beautiful. The Cremaster Cycle is playing at Film Forum until May 13, so if you want to see hours of Barney vamping as weird characters, go for it.

A better bet is to see the show at the Guggenheim, where Frank Lloyd Wright's building seems the only place to showcase all of Barney's ideas.