A few years ago, video of a man wearing a horse head casually reading the newspaper on the Tokyo subway thoroughly creeped out lots of folks. Cut to 2012, and suddenly we've got our own creepy NYC horse head subway person in a video today. He [SPOILER ALERT] pops up in the video below, which is innocuously labelled "Crazy Girl Fight On the NYC Subway." Suffice it to say, the whole thing reeks of viral marketing, or an art project, or something that is thoroughly disappointing.

There are two camera angles...and the second one in particular is high quality. No one reacts or takes notice of the horse head man—except for the girls who were "fighting." Once the horse head comes into focus, you can see the women in the background laughing. The whole thing seems staged, and it's a bummer.

And we've been down this road before: viral marketers love making these "Crazy" videos, like the "Crazy guy who cuts parking meter off with saw," which turned out to be marketing for the film In Time. Then there were the crazy flying people, marketing for the movie Chronicle. And there was that Times Square screen hack, which had something to do with the film Limitless.

So at best, maybe this is just an art project—considering the user also uploaded some creepy cat bath video and band videos, this could be a promo for a music thing. Or maybe some dudes just killing time on the L. Hopefully they got something out of it, because those horse heads sure don't come cheap.