You may recall the story of Brooklyn's Kent Avenue Orthodox synagogue-- it was built last month in only two weeks, at a cost of more than two million dollars. The city authorities slapped a stop-work order on the site after a worker was injured, but the Satmars ignored it, and finished the build on their own timeline. The papers said that the interior was going to take another month to finish, but if you look at the video above, the synagogue seems to already be in full use, and packed to the rafters with followers of Aaron Teitelbaum. The Brooklyn Record opines:

Judging by this video taken during the October 15 celebration of the religious holiday Simchat Torah, the Fire Department may be the next city agency to take interest in the project. Think they're over the legal occupancy limit? Looks like a pretty dangerous fire hazard to us.

The synagogue is huge-- it takes up half a block at Kent and Hooper Street-- right next to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.