Who said snail mail was dead? A photo assistant who put his phone number in a Crate & Barrel catalog received 500 calls from the curious. San Franciscan Marc Horowitz added a bit of realism to the Hideaway Home Office Armoire by writing "Dinner w/Marc" and his phone number on the whiteboard (and, yes, Gothamist paged through C&B's online catalogue to find the image, which was at the end of the book). And people called him, and now he's got 70 dinner dates across the country lined up - dates with women, couples, and other people he felt were "interesting." Naturally, Marc has a website, I Need To Stop Soon, and aspirations of turning his 70 "Dinners w/Marc" into a film. The Post reports that Crate & Barrel weren't thrilled at first, but since the situation was out of their hands, their spokeswoman says, "We do have sense of humor — it happened and we have no ill feelings. But we do think Marc owes our CEO a dinner." Gothamist is distressed by the sorry state of meeting people for some. Don't these people have computers? There's MeetUp, for God's sake! But we're impressed with Marc's chutzpah. The boldest we've ever been with giving out our phone number is drunkenly insisting that a mutual acquaintance pass it along.