2008_11_crane.jpgGet ready for some high-profile headlines to be ripped from the papers for Law & Order, starting with tonight's episode about a crane accident. According to the Post, L&O doesn't really deal with "this city's crooked contractors and their shoddy half-built nightmares, sleazy inspectors and falling cranes," it just begins with a crane accident and then the investigation goes in another direction. Meanwhile, over on Page Six there's talk of (sigh) a Heath Ledger-esque Law & Order. They report that the plot "is 'supposed to be about Heath Ledger' and features a male supermodel, played by Ryan Locke, who 'has a great career and gets all the ladies.' Perhaps the eeriest comparison is to Ledger's actual death by overdose when the character 'leaves a club with a girl. They have sex and do drugs, and the next morning, his friend finds him dead.'" Next up: Joshua Walter and Gina Salamino?