While everyone has thought that various ads on Craigslist seem more cinematic than real (missed connections - that is so romantic comedy...we're not saying it's always good romantic comedy...), San Francisco director Michael Ferris Gibson is making a movie about Craigslist users. Wired says that people who posted ads on August 4, 2003, were asked to participate in what will be a 90 minute DV film, and Gibson and his crew are sifting through almost 2000 postings.

Creator Craig Newmark says he's been been approached byreality TV producers to turn certain parts, like the Personals, in a program, but turned them down, because they didn't have the "proper approach or proper respect." Gibson, however, and producer Simon Johnson do understand the nature of the Craigslist community. Wired also describes some of the participants:
These folks include a transsexual offering erotic services to earn money to complete his sex-change operation in Thailand; an employment agency seeking a toy poodle for a TV commercial; a woman selling her Burning Man ticket due to a bicycling injury; and a dominatrix-cum-personal trainer who makes house calls to wrestle men into shape. [Via Glenn]

More on Craigslist: The Movie. If you want more dot-com movies, try these two docs: E-dreams about kozmo.com and Startup.com about govWorks.com. And if anyone with ties to Hollywood is reading, the rights to Gothamist: The Movie are available.