Just the kind of thing you'd expect a Warhol superstar to craft up: NY Post and Daily News needlepoint pillows! (Just like grandma used to make.) Brigid Berlin is opening her homespun exhibit at John McWhinnie and Glenn Horowitz Bookseller/Gallery later this month, and Animal reports that "the sixty-nine year old artist is showcasing 10 years of her fantastic embroidery works, including this 'Breaking News' series of New York Post pillows that feature some of the rag's most salacious headlines and crude front covers." She's even got the Keith Richards "I Snorted My Dad" cover in there!

The show opens on October 21 and runs through November 22, and the gallery's site notes that "It is not uncharacteristic that Berlin in later years has turned to the traditionally ladylike craft of needlepoint to create work that continues to challenge the social status quo, defy convention, and pose questions about taste and society."