Everyone's favorite yet sad example of a rock chick widow, Courtney Love, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for an earlier incident where a concert goer was hit in the head with a microphone she flung off the stage. Love has to pay damages to Gregory Burkett, who suffered cuts, and must stay clean and out of trouble for the next year. Gothamist kind of loves that she asked what would happen if she got arrested again during the next year - she's clearly planning for the future! Love complained that she didn't get "much of a deal," pointing out that her rocking out had "nothing to do with drugs." Lady, give us a break - you are the punchline for crazy white ladies, this side of Sharon Stone. stereogum, who reported this plea yesterday and was at the March show says "She was totally on drugs." Gothamist is curious, though, what jury selection would have been like if Love hadn't turned in the plea - would the counselors need to ask things like "Do you believe Ms. Love killed her husband?"

Last time Courtney was in a NYC court, she re-did the courtroom sketch of herself. And she was admitted to Bellevue during the summer, though not to their psych ward. Of course, her marriage to Kurt Cobain was Law & Ordered...and her issues with custody of daughter Frances Bean Cobain were Kevin Hill-ed.