Martha Stewart's defense team hopes to pick jurors as well as she picks apples at her Turkey Hill farm, but the Post leads with the most important information: That the Martha carried a $12,000 Hermes bag to court yesterday (the brown bag in the photo). The Daily News says the Birkin is worth $7,000, but $12,000 is much more imflmmatory. Can't wait for the fashion assessment in the new US Weekly!

Only two Martha Stewart fans stood outside the court yesterday (the organizer and founder of had hoped for 50), but the two were happily with a wave from Stewart. Newsday had an article that scared the bejesus of Gothamist about the diehard Martha Stewart fans, including quotes like "I believe she is, as they say, a voice crying in the desert. She is pointing people in the right direction, and that is why they don't like her. It makes the average American aware of their own cultural deficiencies." Cultural defiencies? Americans? What? What's trivial is trying to make even more money illegally and being an alleged horror to her employees.