Courtney Love does MacBethBrieann O'Connor

Gothamist wasn't sure what was more distressing about an episode of the Osbournes that was rerun yesterday: Seeing Jack Osbourne fall for the cute blonde houseguest of Courtney Love or seeing Courtney Love. Probably Courtney Love, who walked around in her underwear and changed in front of the camera and just acts like the crazy person she must be. L.A. Department of Children's Services - get Frances Bean out! And lest you think that Courtney's houseguest was Kato-like or some poor girl whose job it would be to pleasure Courtney or revive Courtney after some night on the town, the object of Jack's affections is Brieann O'Connor, half-sister of Kurt Cobain.

As ever, Television Without Pity has a hilarious recap of the episode. Courtney Love is so universally hated, it's kind of great.