Anyone missing a headband?

Manhattan jeweler Jacob & Co. (whose founder Jacob Arabov was recently released from federal prison) is taking Courtney Love to court after claiming she lost some pricey jewelry they loaned her. If the pieces aren't returned, they want their cash value of $113,700. According to the Daily News, a suit filed yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court says claims the rock star borrowed the jewels in September, including two white-gold and diamond chains, a white-gold floral mesh cuff bracelet, and white-gold and diamond hoop earrings. While the bracelet was returned, the rest of the items are still missing.

Miss Love is known to post many, many photos of herself, her clothes and her accessories on Twitter, so chances are if she still has the jewels, they would have ended up there. This weekend, she was up to her old antics of publishing nearly-nude photos of herself—or possibly outtakes from the same night, as that looks like the same hotel room.