Best Friends

Over the weekend Courtney Love posted this photo on Facebook, showing her with her arms wrapped around former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson, who she has had a very strenuous relationship with over the past decade or so. The two were all genuine looking smiles! And Love captioned the pic: “And this just happened. 2014 going to be a very interesting year.” So here come the "Is Courtney Love Reuniting Hole?" headlines.

While the band did reunite on stage for a Brooklyn show last year (about a year after they said they weren't reuniting), the last time they recorded together in the studio was for the highly successful 1998 album Celebrity Skin.

It's unclear if they are even reuniting (maybe they are collaborating on a Hole-branded clothing line!)... but if they are reuniting around music, then it's even more unclear if this will be for a new album, a reunion show, or a full-on tour. However, since Love has been critical of revisiting the past too much, new music would almost have to be attached to this.

We've reached out to Ms. Love about all of this and will update if we hear back, but she's probably in the studio finishing up recording the new Hole album with all of the original members and Billy Corgan, so we won't hold our breath. But if you need some conversation starters for your cocktail party this New Year's Eve, why not wildly speculate on the Rebirth of Grunge as foretold by this grainy image of the two former bandmates.