Hey, smoking at gas stations is dangerous! Last night Courtney Love performed for a crowd of around 1,000 at Alexander Wang's fashion week after party, which took place the Mobil Gas Station on 10th Avenue, of course. Thanks to WWD and Justin Rocket's Twitterering, we know that there was also free candy inside the gas station and "Pixie Geldof and Devon Aoki stocked up on Nerds" (hipster elite, they're just like us!). Soon after, Love was back to Twittering herself, saying, "we had way fun tonight for Alexander (Wang) sorry we mangled 'Unsatisfied' westerberg but they were so fashionista they didnt know dick." Sorry, but we sort of love her for that.

P.S. We also hear that Jared Leto, Mischa Barton and hundreds of guests continued lighting cigarettes directly adjacent to the gas pumps, but "as of 3am, when the party cleared out, no fires or explosions had broken out."