Courtney Love does MacBeth; Photo - MTVMan, if Courtney Love thinks taking her case to Rush & Molloy is going to win her some support, she clearly is insane. Love talks to the Daily News' gossip mongers in order to give a glimpse into her mental health, as she tries to get custody of poor little Frances Bean back, after Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services placed her 11 year-old child with Kurt's mother, Wendy O'Connor when police arrested Love for, oh, being under the influence of controlled substance (and breaking the windows of her ex-boyfriend's house) and overdosing on OxyContin. Some gems:

"Cops and two ladies white coats came to my house. I got jackbooted. My mouth was taped shut. They put a Ping-Pong ball in my mouth. And, honey, you don't get to say you're sorry for that, because it wasn't in bed."

- According to Love, authorities were worried that, like her late husband, Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain, she might kill herself. "Yes, I was changing my will that week," she says. "I [also] left a message that was like, 'I want to die, I want to jump off the Empire State Building.'" But she insists she was just fooling around. "I'll be here after the cockroaches."

Poor, poor Frances Bean. Courtney Love did her crazy thing on the Osbournes.