Courtney Love took turning 40 to the next level, by being hauled out by the EMT in handcuffs, after what the Post calls an "abortion" drama. The Post says that a woman called 911 from Love's apartment, saying there was a miscarriage; earlier, Love was saying in her lobby "today is my birthday and I had an abortion." Love allegedly babbled to a Post reporter a few days ago that she was pregnant, but who knows what the hell she was drinking or on at the time? The handcuffs were not because of the arrest warrant on her in L.A. but because police thought she might be a danger to herself. The police were on the scene because Love was seen throwing bottles from her SoHo apartment. Her lawyers says Love was being treated for a "gynecological medical condition," not drugs, and now, Love is at Bellevue. Yes, Bellevue, the hospital people go to when they are crazy! As Gawker says, "Just when ya think the old girl can't bring the tabloid magic, she really pulls through. Bless you, Courtney! Happy birthday!" Honestly, it's like a birthday present to the Post and Daily News.

Gothamist on Courtney Love.