Courtney Love lives in New York, but is having that same problem everyone has when moving around in the city... finding the perfect home. (Rock stars, they're just like us.) She has yet to find that magical place to settle into, and in a little off-the-cuff interview with NYMag she discusses her real estate woes, first declaring: "I've been here for a year looking for a house. I live here. I am a member of your society." But it seems certain parts of that society don't want her living next door; when hoping to move into a home next to Anna Wintour, she was turned down, even though her "references are impeccable!" (Don't take it personally C.Lo, Anna doesn't really want anyone near her).

While she continues to look, she's been living in the Mercer Hotel—but we sort of think she should lease Cynthia von Buhler's crazy castle on Staten Island (it's for sale!).