Last month we noted that there was some tension between Courtney Love and whoever decided to put a parody of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in the new Muppets movie. To break things down: In one corner, you have Primary Wave Music, who may or may not have exclusive rights to distribute Nirvana's entire catalog, depending on who you're talking to. In another corner, you have Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic signing off on the production using the song, along with Primary Wave. In another you have the Hollywood set, like the movie's writer Jason Segel. And in another you have Courtney Love, who this week decided to speak up in our very own comments section on the whole ordeal. Here is (most of) her comment and a preemptive [sic]:

primary wave is lying and i have shitty lawyers , this is courtney- synch rights are mine, primary wave does not own them= don't take my word for it= disney corporate did not ask and diode not pay frances nor me when i sold some writing to primary wave which was stupid, in 06 i did not sell administration rights they forged them and i sure as shit have combed over everything did not sell synch- last month larry at p wave was begging me for battleship- gatorade and dancing with the stars and muppets all of which i said no to- no. its mine to say and not public opinion its my and my daughters right and dave and krist have a grace note of 1.2 percent of a 100 in that song publishing that i begged kurt to let them have when he took his publishing back to himself as we wrote every single note- so yeah rape is a great word because its so insidious to do this and make me look 'crazy' on the lawyer owned tmz for declining it-= i said no i meant no and this makes me sick-= because i have shitty sadistic lawyers who i have just fired and grohl knew this- i never rated him as a total sociopath until i saw the nirvana inc portfolio - graveyards, us beef abattoirs and 1841 nirvana inc liens against one courtney love of memphis, blossom texas and etc that take money out of our bank account, hurts music company is end of music , krist murk slough i assumed daves was 'roswell' but thats just for foo fighters? no it isn't it was for nirvana his 3 % out of all the oeuvre, so he has NO SAY,. his kid is named 'violet' and he si believe a sociopath on an entirely other level the daughter named 'violet' doh. he is obsessed not so much with me with his hatred of kurt- he knew kurt never wanted to be disneyfied, i know lisa henson ... you should not believe every piece of expoiltative bullshit you hear in fact this is an epic fucking scandal, and it hurts to think about it... take any celebrity or a woman with synchronization rights and pout it in muppets and guess what? she looks CRAZY FOR SAYING 'NO' TO WHAT IS HERS? AM IO CRAZY FOR SAYING NO TO HAVING SEX WITH CHIP THE MAN YOU THINK IS SO FABULOUS AND HANDSOME? YEAH? WELL MY BODY IS MINE, MY PROPERTY IS MINE. SAME SAME.

We've reached out to Love to clarify some things, but at press time have not heard back. However, she did Tweet @JasonSegel this afternoon (though in some cases got his handle wrong), saying, "I wake up and I'm so happy, this never happens and despite @jasonsegal [sic] being a fucking coward, i don't care! happy Passover!" And "@jasonsegel and you are too much a coward to even call and explain it to me? what are you?" She also called upon Segel's bro Judd Apatow, Tweeting: "@JuddApatow beat the shit out of @jasonsegal it would not be hard, i love you thanks." Sigh, everyone needs a hug.