Another chapter in the great-for-tabloids-and-Internet story that is Courtney Love: The rocker-sideshow was back in town to be arraigned in the case of the March incident where she threw a mic at a crowd, injuring one club patron. There are tons of reports (check out the Post's quotes from her rambling monologue outside the courthouse and inside the courthouse's bathroom, like "Mrs. Consuela was the pet name for his genitals."), but Gothamist enjoyed this bit from Newsday the best, regarding a courtroom sketch (above, click to enlarge) of Love by Shirley and Andrea Shepard:

Singer Courtney Love (R) stands before Assistant D.A. David Filer (L) and Justice Katherine Fried at her arraignment May 13, 2004 in New York City. Love is facing charges for allegedly hitting a spectator with a microphone stand while performing on stage at a New York City nightclub in March. When asked to autograph the sketch, Love took the pencil and proceeded to give herself a nose job (thinning), collagen lips (upper lip thicker), darker eye lashes and changed her hair style (note dark pencil lines over the blonde hair). After she revised her face, she then signed her name (shown above necklaces).

Courtney is acting like she does when she's at the plastic surgeon's office, revising what the doctor says are safe surgeries and going for more bad looks! And Gothamist loves celebrities who revise their own courtroom sketches - why don't they do it more? Check out these sketches of Douglas Faneuil and Martha Stewart.

See footage from WNBC. And check out Whatevs' classic description of the current incarnation of Courtney Love.