While Law & Order effectively killed off Courtney Love in a Kurt-and-Courtney inspired episode from 2002 (TV Tome description: "Investigating the death of a rock band singer who had large amounts of cocaine and heroin in her system, the detectives question a former boyfriend who was a disgruntled band mate of her late husband"), Gothamist can only hope that another Love-incarnation will arise after her nutty antics last night and early this morning. Our logline would be

Totally insane, almost washed up rock musician is found murdered in her hotel room after exposing herself on national television and getting arrested for hitting someone on the head with a mic stand during an East Village performance. Detectives Briscoe and Green try to find the murderer. Was it the hipster hit by the mic stand? Estranged band member? Her publicists who got tired of posting her bail? Or the talk-show host whose program was threatened by her boob flashing?

You have to wonder: Everyone was hoping for Courtney to lose it last night in New York, and she certainly delivered. Maybe she's shrewder and less insane than we originally thought...mmm, nah.

Updated: Photos of Courtney being released from the 9th Precinct.

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