2005_05_starwarscounter.jpgGothamist did not need to check Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, or Defamer to know that Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith would become the most popular movie across America this weekend. Gothamist knew it the moment we overheard a neighbor playing a DVD of the movie very loudly on Saturday afternoon. Said neighbor purchased the DVD in Chinatown, and while he missed the group experience of being around tons of people dressed up like beings from the five other Star Wars films, his surround sound system made us feel like we were in the theater. The NYPD, however, has been cracking down on counterfeit DVD sellers, with a raid on a Harlem storage unit revealed that counterfeit Sith DVDs were stacked "nearly to the ceiling." One counterfeit DVD buyer explained to the Daily News, "I can't even afford to go to the movies nowadays. It's $35 after a ticket, soda and food." Another possible explanation not offered that Gothamist will introduce is that the first two Star Wars prequels sucked so bad that people deserve to see Revenge of the Sith however they want.

Did you see Revenge of the Sith this weekend? In theaters or in the comfort of your own home? And did some of you go for a repeat viewing?