2005_12_nyesan.jpgThe city is starting to brace itself for New Year's, with sanitation crews and the police at the ready. The weather is expected to break 50 degrees on Saturday, which means it won't be a New Year's Freezing Eve for once. Which also means insane crowds. (There is rain in the forecast, but that's supposed to clear up but hte evening). Have you rushed to the store to buy champagne, noisemakers, and low-fat food (for your resolutions)? What are you planning? Staying in, going to parties, heading to Times Square? Tell us!

And here's the official Times Square New Year's festivities guide from the Times Square Alliance: Find out when the ball is lifted or when Anderson Cooper counts down memorable moments of 2005. Or when Mary J. Blige and then Mariah Carey perform. Whoo, 2006!

Photograph of the city testing confetti in Times Square from Reuters