You know how when it rains and everyone takes out their umbrellas and the sidewalks become even more unbearable and some people even deign to carry those huge golf umbrellas? Well this new jacket could solve all of our rainy day problems. It will keep you dry, and as a bonus, will make you look sort of like Darth Vadar. Or the grim reaper. Or an extra in Harry Potter. Or maybe just someone who works in a meth lab.

Who cares what it makes you look like, though—this thing could solve the age old problem New Yorkers have with umbrella etiquette. According to ABC News, designer Athanasia Leivaditou was inspired to create her Umbrella Coat Raincoat after moving to NYC, saying, "Rainy days put a strain on my movements. I had to hold the umbrella and do other things at the same time. Instead of getting frustrated with the physical constraints that my body imposed in such situations, I thought that I should come up with a solution." It's made of waterproof synthetic leather, and provides head-to-toe coverage... but what about shielding your face? "A clear plastic membrane extends from the umbrella hood... while strings keep the hood secure so that it doesn't collapse."

She also came up with a solution to getting sleepy at work, creating the Life/Desk Convertible to Bed, which is basically the George Costanza dream.